Culturally Appropriate Care


Kids New to Canada – Culture and Health
Barriers and Facilitators to Health Care for Newcomers – Describes some of the challenges that affect access to health care for immigrant and refugee newcomers and how they can be thoroughly and sensitively overcome by practitioners.
How Culture Influences Health – Discusses how the culture one belongs to shapes one’s worldview and assumptions, and suggests strategies practitioners can use to bridge cultural differences with their patients.
Adaptation and Acculturation – Explains how the challenges a newcomer may face when integrating into Canadian society have effects on their heath.
Assessing Child Maltreatment in a Multicultural Setting – Encourages open understanding of different familial expectations and roles without compromise on prioritizing child health and well-being.
Cultural Competence: Tools and Resources – Links to further aids to increase cultural sensitivity.
Using Interpreters in Health Care Settings – Guidelines for the facilitation of appropriate medical interpretation.

Cultural Competence eLearning Modules – A series of interactive multimedia modules designed to improve cultural competence for any and all health care providers.

Culturally Sensitive Care – This resource, provided by the College of Nurses in Ontario, includes a number of scenarios with sensitive approaches to cultural differences that may arise in a clinical setting.