Community Service Providers

Priscilla Jamal

Priscilla has worked in the settlement sector in the KW area since 2011 with all categories of refugees.

“Helping refugee newcomers adapt in a new place constitutes a cause for me that is so noble and worthy, partly because I associate, given my Palestinian background and also because of the strong need that presents. What I love about this job is that my days are never boring, everyday brings a new story, a new life and a new connection. I know that I cannot change the world, but I also know that my colleagues and I make tiny little differences every day that add up. This career has added to my humanity more than I could ever give back.” She says!

Matthew Lago

Matthew is a Social Worker and Counsellor at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre providing mental health services and a safe space where Sanctuary patients can talk and share. Matthew provides services to clients of all ages, including youth and children.

Omaima Elkebbe

Omaima is a Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre settlement worker at SRHC. She assists newcomers in settling into their communities and schools by providing direct, front-line services of support, information, referrals, advocacy, and orientation for individuals and families.

Marta Worku

Marta Worku has worked at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre through the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre since 2018. She assists newcomers to Canada by providing information about important documents – from basic financial assistance to complex citizenship/sponsorship processes. She also links refugees with useful community services and assistance to help them develop plans that will make them successful in their new life and home.

Karen MacLeod

Karen MacLeod has been the Ontario Works Liaison Caseworker since January 2019. She helps patients navigate social assistance benefits, and conveys information from Sanctuary to caseworkers.  Karen spends half a day every week at Sanctuary.

Sireen Saadeh

Sireen started working at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in 2017 through the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre. As part of their Interpretation Medical Pilot program, her efforts have allowed many of our Arabic-speaking patients to access health care in their first language.

Karen Bell

Karen Bell has been the Refugee Health Community Home Care Coordinator through the Waterloo-Wellington Home & Community Care Support Services since September 2021. She helps patients navigate home care services to support eligible patients in the home, while also promoting independence and safety. Care coordinators help get the care patients need in their home and in the community. Karen spends a day every week at Sanctuary.