Admin Team Members


Canab Cali Cabdisalaan
Canab is the receptionist at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre. She is a recent graduate from Conestoga College with a diploma in Health Office Administration. She enjoys working with the great team and wonderful patients at SRHC.

Mayada Abou Warda
Mayada is an internationally trained doctor who joined Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in 2016. She is working on the process of becoming a certified doctor in Canada. In her role as clinical assistant, she helps assess and triage walk-in patients under the supervision of Dr. Stephenson. She thinks that Sanctuary is the best work place ever!

Zeinab Mana
Zeinab has been the Cultural Interpreter and Patient Support Coordinator at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre since 2016. She works closely with the medical team in facilitating communication with patients and advising on culturally-sensitive matters. A polyglot, Zeinab has worked as a freelance interpreter in various settings for over a decade.

Eda Dede
Eda came to Canada as an International Student and started volunteering at Sanctuary in 2018, She has a background in marketing, economics, finance, and administration. She manages the “behind the scenes” work at Sanctuary, ensuring that the clinic flows as smoothly as possible to allow for the provision of high-quality patient care.

Mel Gabriel
Melany immigrated to Canada in 2006 from the Philippines and is an international graduate and also has a diploma in Business Administration. With over a decade of experience as an administrator and coordinator, Melany joined Sanctuary in 2018. Mel loves making a difference in our community as she fulfills her role as New Patient Intake and Referral Coordinator.

Shukri Abdulkadir

Yemi Kefene

Jeremiah Oni

Batoul Dowcet

Bayan Mohammed

Ileana Sedeno

Ileana is a Cuban-trained medical doctor who started working at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in January 2021 as a COVID screener.  She now acts as a clinical assistant for Sanctuary and is responsible for maintenance of the medical faxes and providing some community support. She believes that Sanctuary is an amazing opportunity to connect with positive people.

Ayman Alrihawi


Margaret Brockett
Margaret is long retired but not retiring! Her career as an occupational therapist, administrator, and educator provides a great platform to advocate for Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in various ways. The opportunity to work at SRHC as the Associate Director has been one of the most fulfilling jobs she has known over her long career. 

Linda Pettus
Linda has been volunteering as Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre’s Thursday receptionist since March 2014. Linda is a retired physiotherapist and takes pleasure in meeting and greeting Sanctuary patients.

Karen Munroe
Karen is a retired ESL teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board. She has been with the team at Sanctuary since October 2013 when they started with a card table and a laptop. Karen enjoys the time she can spend getting to know the patients and working with a variety of devoted medical experts.

Engin Kilic
Engin started working at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in April 2019 to build up an accounting system and enter claim submissions for services provided. He has commercial banking experience, mostly as a financial analyst, and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. He is currently studying at Conestoga College in the Finance program. After his graduation, he started volunteering as Sanctuary to keep the financial records up to date.

As a volunteer driven organization, we have had many exceptional volunteers that made what Sanctuary is today.