Other Team Members

Margaret Brockett
Margaret is long retired but not retiring! Her career as an occupational therapist, administrator, and educator provides a great platform to advocate for Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in various ways. The opportunity to work at SRHC as the Associate Director is one of the most fulfilling jobs she has known over her long career.

Canab Cali Cabdisalaan
Canab is the receptionist at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre. She is a recent graduate from Conestoga College with a diploma in Health Office Administration. She enjoys working with the great team and wonderful patients at SRHC.

Mayada Abou Warda
Mayada is an internationally trained doctor who started volunteering at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in July 2016. She thereafter became an employee helping with interpretation and administrative tasks.

Afnan Naeem
Afnan first joined Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre as a volunteer in September 2015 and has completed a Master’s degree in Public Health. Today, she is part of the administrative team working in referral processes and as the New Patient Intake Coordinator.

Will Allen
Will is a university student with plans to become a doctor working in refugee care, and he has found Sanctuary to be a wonderful space to encourage that pursuit! He’s been a member of the team since September 2016 and is currently the Clinic Coordinator at SRHC.

Falak Nazer
Falak “Foufou” Nazer is a receptionist at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre. She is a high school student who has spent the past two summers helping out at SRHC. She loves getting to know the friendly and welcoming staff!

Rahma Abukhousa
Rahma joined the team at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in November 2017 as a co-op student and continues to help out here as she pursues her degree in Biological Sciences. She works mainly as an administrative assistant, but occasionally steps in as an interpreter or receptionist when needed. She loves being part of the team at Sanctuary!

Hekma Chahrour
Hekma began working at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in May 2017. She is very active in the Syrian community in KW and helps out at SRHC with administrative tasks, event planning, interpretation, and much more!

Zeinab Mana
Zeinab has been an interpreter at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre since 2016. She works closely with the medical team in facilitating communication with patients and advising on culturally-sensitive matters. A polyglot, Zeinab has worked as a freelance interpreter in various settings for over a decade.

Linda Pettus
Linda has been volunteering as Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre’s Thursday receptionist since March 2014. Linda is a retired physiotherapist and takes pleasure in meeting and greeting Sanctuary patients.

Karen Munroe
Karen is a retired ESL teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board. She has been with the team at Sanctuary since October 2013 when they started with a card table and a laptop. Karen enjoys the time she can spend getting to know the patients and working with a variety of devoted medical experts.

Sally Cameron
Sally has been a volunteer receptionist on Mondays since February 2016. She feels privileged to be working with the wonderful team at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre. Sally enjoys meeting and helping Sanctuary patients.

Karen Bowman
Karen is a volunteer receptionist with a background in public health. She has been at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre since September 2016 and appreciates the opportunity to help newcomers to Canada to settle in happily.

Chloe Jang
Chloe started volunteering at SRHC in June 2017 and she helps out with calling patients regarding their upcoming appointments. Being at SRHC is a ton of fun and there’s so much to learn. She has loved being a part of this supportive family that just keeps on growing!

Meg Brockett
Meg completed her advanced clinical placement in Social Work at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre, and currently helps out at the reception desk. She enjoys learning from patients everyday and finds this work to be both uniquely challenging and uniquely rewarding.

Ashkan Jahangirnia
Ashkan is currently a medical student who has helped out with administrative work at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre since October 2016. He enjoys being part of the team at SRHC as he moves forward to a career in medicine.

Sireen Saadeh
Sireen started working at Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre in 2017 through the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre. As part of their Interpretation Medical Pilot program, her efforts have allowed many of our Arabic-speaking patients to access health care in their first language.